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Ferns N Petals Discount & Promo Codes for September 2022

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About FNP

About FNP

The story of this online shop began in 1994 when Vikaas Gutgutia from India started a small flower shop in south Delhi. Things didn't go so well at first, but the entrepreneur never lost enthusiasm and kept on working. It took Gutgutia 9 years after its launch, to break even in 2003. After that, the company began to expand rapidly: outlets appeared in other cities in the country and abroad, the online shop was launched, the range expanded (in addition to flowers, souvenirs, gifts, and sweets started to be offered).

Today, the official FNP website is also available in the United Arab Emirates. Residents of the country can order all the goods from the product range (including custom designs). A customer can save on shopping at the online shop by using Ferns and Petals discount codes. All current retailer promo codes are published on this page.

How to activate an FNP promotional code or coupon

To activate a retailer's promotional code and get a discount, you need to do the following:

  1. Find a relevant code on this page.

  2. Click on the code, wait for it to be copied. After that, you are redirected to the retailer's website.

  3. Select and click on the desired item.

  4. Select delivery place and time.

  5. Click Add to cart.

  6. Fill out the form with your e-mail address and phone number.

  7. Click Have a Discount Coupon link on the right side of the page.

  8. Insert previously copied numbers in the field and click Apply.

  9. Complete the checkout.

Now the price of the item will be recalculated based on the discount. It may vary because all promo codes have different values.

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In some cases, activating FNP coupons does not require entering a code. Their activation will differ from the one mentioned above. To take advantage of the discount offer, you will need to select the appropriate option, click on it, wait to be redirected to the shop's website, and then place your order. The discount will be applied automatically, and the price for payment will be based on it.

More ways to save money when shopping on FNP

More ways to save money when shopping on FNP

Today, Ferns and Petals coupons and promo codes are not the only savings option. There are other ways to reduce the price of your purchase. The easiest way is to take advantage of deals from the retailer and buy flowers or gifts at a discounted price. Searching for discounts is very easy: hover your mouse over one of the product categories and select the subcategory marked Offers. You will then see all the products with discounts ranging from 8 to 50%. They will all belong to one category (flowers, souvenirs, or other).

You can also save money by shopping during sales. These usually coincide with significant dates (such as New Year's Eve). You'll find the discounted items available in the Deals section. You'll find a link to this section on the home page. Unlike the Offers section, the Deals includes items from different categories, and they are not related thematically. When placing an order for a discounted item, you can use an FNP discount code, which will make the price even lower.

Top selling items on FNP

Top selling items on FNP

Flowers and bouquets are most commonly ordered in the United Arab Emirates. That's because the shop offers quick and convenient delivery throughout the UAE. An order can be delivered the same day it's placed. This ensures that the flowers do not have time to wither and retain their original appearance.

The second most popular category is gifts and souvenirs. They are in demand due to the possibility to order an item with a unique design at a low price. For example, you can buy mugs, cushions, or balloons with a picture of a birthday person or beloved one.

How to pay for goods and arrange delivery on FNP

How to pay for goods and arrange delivery on FNP

There are several payment methods available in the online shop:

  • Bank card. Visa and MasterCard issued in the UAE are accepted.

  • Cash.  In this case, money will be transferred to the courier when receiving the order.

  • PayPal. You can use a popular payment system as a payment method.

There are several types of delivery: instant, standard, on a specific date and time, and midnight (from 23:00 to 23:59). The latter will cost AED 79, and all other types will cost AED 49. The goods are delivered to all major UAE cities.

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How Ferns and Petals coupons and promo codes can help you save

FNP is a large international retailer that sells flowers, gifts, souvenirs, and sweets. If you need to please your loved ones, friends, or colleagues, you can find everything you need on the retailer's official website. Delivery is available throughout the UAE, and products are offe ... red at reasonable prices. Ferns and Petals discount codes or coupons will help make shopping even better. All the shop's current discount offers are published on this page.

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All current shop discount offers are published on this page.